Selections for Momentum, Celebration, Vivace, Slice and Madrigals are complete and posted online now!

Join the PPA! Now is the right time to show your support for the Performing Arts at Washington by becoming a member of the Patron of the Performing Arts for next year, 2017-2018! Why? PPA membership is increasing in price next year, but you can get joined up NOW (until June 1st) for the CURRENT rate! Go to the PPA membership page for the membership form. Thank you!
Featured album: Mo Show 2017

POTMEach month, the Performing Arts directors select a student-performer from each of their groups to be recognized as the Performers of the Month.  This can be based on talent, hard work, character, commitment to the group…whatever is in need of being publicly recognized as making a difference.


2017 Marching Band Show???  Head to the Marching Band page to find out theme of the show, the songs and clips of this coming marching band season’s show, “The Fiddler”.

Watch for breaking drama news within the next 2 weeks!!!

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5/31-6/2: Finals
7/22-7/24: All-State Vocal Jazz
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