Band parents: Our band program is fueled by volunteers who donate time, resources and talent so the performers and directors can focus on reaching their potential.  It is a vital component of our programs across the Performing Arts at Washington and your volunteer efforts allow the program to continue a tradition of excellence.  You are encouraged to pay close attention to Band emails, check this website, participate in our Facebook group page (link available on this site’s front page), catch the latest blurbs on Twitter (link also available on front page), watch for various volunteer opportunities (Signup Genius, etc.) and you may also speak with any of the band reps when you see them to find out how you can help.  We appreciate each and every volunteer contribution to the program, especially since 100% of it feeds directly to all of our kids.

Band Reps 2016-17: (printable list)
– Teresa Wake, Home: 363-4235, Cell: 350-4368,,
– Angie Meyer, Home: 826-6645, Cell: 350-1424,
– Marcy Trimble, Cell: 651-8252,
– Leah Ferring, Home: 363-2245, Cell: 721-6521,
– Kerri Davenportm, Home: 362-1337,
– Heidi Haney,  Home: 366-1465, Cell: 651-4783,
– Becky Briggs Cell: 213-0914, Work: 558-3597,,
– Doris Courtright, Cell: 892-3209,
– Katrina & Phil Fristad, Home: 550-4230,
– DeeAnn Hebrink, Cell: 361-9776,
– Tamanda Drexler, Cell: 213-1970,
– Jami Walker, Cell: 865-208-6208,
– Gina Kleman, Home: 247-6820,
– Lijun Chadima,
– Trisha Turnis, Home: 321-4987,
– Kimberly Cruise, Cell: 721-3046,

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