2014Mo_Wide_color Momentum, Washington’s original show choir, has a rich history reaching back several decades.  It is an all-auditioned show choir of students in grades 10-12.  All Momentum members participate in at least one other choir.  Selection for Momentum is based on singing and dancing ability demonstrated during auditions in May.  Momentum participates in a full schedule of holiday and spring appearances, and performs for school events and concerts.  Momentum has amassed an array of grand champion awards at many invitationals and have won even more Best Vocal, Best Choreography and Best Band awards.

2017-2018 Momentum:


2014-2015 high-resolution group pictures (click on a photo to get large image):

2014Mo_Wide_color 2014Mo_8x10def

2013-2014 high-resolution group pictures (click on a photo to get large image):

2013-14_wide_color_momentum 2013-14_wide_bw_momentum 2013-14_silly_momentum
 2013-14_MomentumFlamingosWithTitle  2013-14_MomentumFlamingos  2013-14_8x10_color_momentum


The 2014-2015 members of Momentum:

Ladies Men
Altemeier, Maya Baty, Harrison
Arnold, Keitasha Bear Killer, Lakota
Brooks, Faith Becker, Dalton
Bullard, Nakeia Bergstrom, Augie
Frake, Rylee Berry, Finbar
Gothard, Audrey Birchansky, Bentlee
Gray, JJ Cooper, Cole
Hogg, Dorothy DeVaux, Everett
Jackson, Taylor Engen, Seth
Kigin, Kathryn Garrett, Arthur
Knutson, Madeline Ginsberg, Lincoln
Kratovil, Lydia Gray, Alex
LaGrange, Jill Hammer, Ethan
Luke, Taylor Hodges, Malon
Marner, Kayla Johnson, Luke
McGlaughlin, Caroline Lenzen, Gunnar
Novak, Avery Lewis, Elliott
O’Donnell, Molly Linge, Andrew
Rohde, Anna McCright, Tim
Saylor, Carson Moore, Hunter
Sealy, Kiersten Parr, Tim
Squires, Courtney Rosenthal, Daniel
Stokesbary, Ali Shaffer, Harrison
Temple, Jerri Dale Thompson, Darian
Tormene, Melissa Truemper, Jake
Weston, Katie Woods, Caleb
Wohlers, Katherine Young, Shawndell
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