Below is a list of events which the PPA either directly or indirectly leads or supports.  These descriptions allow site visitors an opportunity to understand the basic premise of an event, timeframe, who runs it, etc., however it isn’t meant to provide the soup-to-nuts on each of these events.

Summer camps:  These are meant to provide performance groups an opportunity to bond, learn new material and enter the academic year with a head start.  Most will occur during the August timeframe, but smaller groups and sections are known to arrange for camp and camp-like rehearsals throughout the entire course of the summer (usually on a attend-if-available basis so as to not preclude vacations, etc.).

Football games:  These are performance opportunities for the Dance Team and the Marching Band and generally are confined to home games, away games at Kingston and some playoffs games.

Marching Band shows/competitions: These will run throughout the fall, including some multi-show days at times.

Fall musical: Historically a fall musical production is put together, involving a singers, dancers, actors, technical theatre crew, musicians, ticket sales, ushers, etc.

All-State music lesssons/clinics and auditions: These occur during the fall.  Normally, students have a pre-audition with their respective director(s) to earn their way into the pipeline for the lessons and auditions.  Once in the pipeline, students will receive a variety of opportunities to groom their audition material.  While usually well-represented number-wise at All-State, WHS director(s) put emphasis on the process creating better musicians, whether a student earns an All-State seat or not.

Buy It For A Song (BIFAS): This is a fundraiser for the PPA, put on by the PPA.  Combining performances, silent auctions, live auctions and food, the goal is create a fun evening of entertainment and opportunites to bid on and win interesting items.

Mo Show:  Yes, Mo Show is a show choir competition, but it is the biggest fundraising event during the performance year.  All groups with the Performing Arts are encourageed and NEEDED to make Mo Show a success.  Knowledge and experience with show choir is absolutely not needed.

Frankfurter Festival: This end-of-year festival is less a fundraiser and more a final opportunity for the entire Performing Arts community at Washington.  Generally held outside (weather permitting, otherwise it is held in the gym), groups across all facets perform and this is also a regular spot for the presentation of PPA Hall of Fame inductees.



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