Cedar Rapids Washington

Officers & Committee Chairs

President: Amy Stevens (cardstevens@mchsi.com)
VP-Membership: Marcy Trimble (jrwbaseball@mediacombb.net)
Secretary: Suzi Cooper (suzicooper@gmail.com)
Treasurer: Stephenie Suggs (stepheniesuggs@gmail.com)
Co-treasurer: Lisa Butler (washdrama@gmail.com))
Endowment: Teresa Wake (thewakes@imonmail.com)
Website & Social Media: Phil Foster (whs.ppa@gmail.comsinginsarge@yahoo.com)
Hall Of Fame: Hilery Livengood (hilerylivengood@gmail.com)
TCR Liaison: Darcy Caraway (dhcaraway@gmail.com)
Performer of the Month: Marcy Dent (marcy.dent@rockwellcollins.com)
Band rep: Marcy Trimble (jrwbaseball@mediacombb.net)
Orchestra rep:
Drama/speech rep: Lisa Butler (washdrama@gmail.com)
Momentum rep:
Celebration rep:
Vivace rep:
Madrigals rep:
Dance Team rep: Stacy Martens (stacy@bsmartens.com)
Buy It For A Song:
Cocoa & Carols:  Jenny Bosking (boskingfamily@gmail.com)– JaneAnne Parker (japarker17@yahoo.com)
Java and Jazz:  Maureen Bennett (mebennett5@yahoo.com)
Mo Show: Brooke DeWolf (brookedewolf@gmail.com)
Frankfurter Fest: Jenny and Steve Bosking (boskingfamily@gmail.com)
State Large Group Speech: Jessica Wilcox (jswilcoxdc@aol.com)
Fab Five:

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