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NEIBA Jazz Festival Itinerary for this coming weekend.

Welcome to the 2016-2017 performance season for the Washington High School Band Program!  If you are looking for information on our programs, you have come to right place.  For parents (returning and new alike), a great resource to have handy is the 2016 Band Parents Handbook.  It includes information on all the band groups, plenty of detail on the incredible experience that is the Warrior Band Program and oodles of information on how you, the parents, can be involved and are needed to be involved with our many events.

Band Parents!
Would you like information about upcoming band events, performances, and competitions? We are currently updating our parent contact email database. If you would like to receive emails about marching band, concert band, wind symphony, or jazz bands please follow the instructions below. Also, feel free to list more than one email if you prefer that.
Email Mr. Nagel with your name, your preferred email(s) and your child’s name at:

We look forward to seeing everyone soon for Band Camp!

All-State Band Audition Information

All-State audition etudes are posted here:

If you are interested at auditioning for All-State this fall, please begin working on the audition now. If you have any questions about the audition or want to set up a lesson, contact Mr. Nagel at or 319-558-1082.

Band Reps 2016-17: (printable list)
– Teresa Wake, Home: 363-4235, Cell: 350-4368,,
– Angie Meyer, Home: 826-6645, Cell: 350-1424,
– Marcy Trimble, Cell: 651-8252,
– Leah Ferring, Home: 363-2245, Cell: 721-6521,
– Kerri Davenportm, Home: 362-1337,
– Heidi Haney,  Home: 366-1465, Cell: 651-4783,
– Becky Briggs Cell: 213-0914, Work: 558-3597,,
– Doris Courtright, Cell: 892-3209,
– Katrina & Phil Fristad, Home: 550-4230,
– DeeAnn Hebrink, Cell: 361-9776,
– Tamanda Drexler, Cell: 213-1970,
– Jami Walker, Cell: 865-208-6208,
– Gina Kleman, Home: 247-6820,
– Lijun Chadima,
– Trisha Turnis, Home: 321-4987,
– Kimberly Cruise, Cell: 721-3046,

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