The Marching Band is composed of student in grades 9-12.  The season begins with a focused multi-day band camp during mid-August at IO-DIS-E-CA, south of Cedar Rapids, followed a succession of day-long stadium camps and stadium rehearsals (all at Kingston Stadium).  Performances include football games, parades, and contests.  The Marching Band enjoys a decades-long history of success and regularly competes against the best bands from all over the region at various marching band contests.

The October 7th Kingston and WDM Valley Marching Band Shows itinerary can be found here.

Additional information can be found in the Warrior Band Parents Handbook.

2017-2018 Drum Majors: Jackie Ripoll (senior DM) and Kendall Stenseth.
The 2017 Warrior Marching Band Show:

“The Fiddler”
Featuring music from Fiddler on the Roof, Led Zeppelin, Kansas, and Coldplay.

Movement 1 is a combination of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” and Fiddler’s “Tradition“.
Movement 2 is a combination of Kansas’s “Dust in the Wind” and Fiddler’s “Sabbath Prayer“.
Movement 3 is a combination of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” and Fiddler’s “Wedding Dance“.

 Band Reps 2017-18: (printable list)
– Teresa Wake Cell: 350-4368
– Marcy Trimble Cell: 651-8252
– Leah Ferring Cell: 721-6521
– Angie Meyer Cell: 350-1424
– Greg Meyer Cell: 350-1520
– Trisha Turnis Cell: 321-4987
– Kerri Davenport Cell: 360-5884
– Katrina Fristad Cell: 693-9440
– Phil Fristad Cell: 693-9881
– DeeAnn Hebrink Cell: 361-9776
– Jami Walker Cell: 431-6368
– Kimberly Cruise Cell: 721-3046
– Tamanda Drexler Cell: 213-1970
– Kirk Jonasson Cell: 329-4124
– Jodi Jonasson Cell: 329-4360
– Andrea Jackson Cell: 431-8812
– Mel Vest Cell: 202-7146
– Katherine Brokaw Cell: 573-9055
– Allison Hecker Cell: 431-4180


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