Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2016-2017 performance year:

Congratulations to the following student-performers from Wash who were selected for the 2016 All-State Music Festival:

Maggie Clair
Emily Nelson
Ava Klopfenstein
Peter Nassif
Paul Linville
Nathaniel Burke
Ethan Cooper
Regan Heying
Raegan Martin (1st Alt.)
Lauren Flory
Courtney Peckosh
Devon O’Donnell
Tyler McGuire
Scott Griffin
Thomas Corbett
Brennan Regan
Alex Haggin
Vocal Jazz
Emmalyn Foster
Peter Nassif
Michael Muhlena
Scott Griffin
Ava Klopfenstein
Ethan Cooper- 1st alt
Thomas Corbett- 1st alt
Courtney Peckosh- 2nd alt

Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2015-2016 performance year:

Congratulations to the following student-performers from Wash who were selected for the 2015 All-State Music Festival:
Anna Kolln: violin
Brooks Papendick: violin
Bailey Renfro: violin
Ella Wolle: cello
Allie Klinsky: bass (1st alternate)
Julia Narhi Martinez: cello, Iowa Junior Honors Orchestra
Chorus (photo)
Katie Weston
Caroline McLaughlin
Raegan Martin
Maggie Clair
Emily Nelson
Devon O’Donnell
Courtney Peckosh
Bentlee Birchansky
Shawndell Young
Cole Cooper
Ethan Cooper
Luke Johnson
Hunter Moore
Lincoln Ginsberg
Band (photo)
Tyler Cruise: clarinet
Cameron Fristead: bass clarinet (1st alternate)
Libby Gibson: baritone (1st alternate)
Molly Hunter: flute (1st alternate)
Caleb Kleman: trumpet
Emily Laverty: trumpet (2nd alternate)
Jonathon Melander: flute
Ryan Miller: French horn
Julia Pohlman: clarinet
Joe Slattery: tenor sax (1st alternate)
John Woodhouse: French horn
Paul Woodhouse: bass trombone

Dance Team: Jazz routine placed 3rd and Pom routine place 2nd! Catie Schrader placed 2nd in solo!!!
Dance Team: Jazz Routine placed 2nd and Pom routine placed 6th at Iowa Spirit Spectacular.
Marching Band earned Division I rating at State Marching Band competition.
Marching Band won the Linn-Mar Marching Band competition.

Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2014-2015 performance year:

Congratulations to the 33 student-performers from Wash who were selected for the 2014 All-State Music Festival:
Orchestrahigh-resolution picture
Benjamin Garner-Prouty, viola
Maya Gonlubol, bass
Anna Kolln, violin
Bailey Renfro, violin
Ella Wolle, cello (1st alt)
Chorus – high-resolution picture
Maya Altemeier
Mary Azelborn
Lakota Bear-Killer
Maggie Clair
Cole Cooper
Lincoln Ginsberg
Gwen Johnson
Luke Johnson
Elliott Lewis
Kayla Marner
Tim Parr
Harrison Shaffer
Kaitlin Stastny
Melissa Tormene
Katie Weston
Shawndell Young
Bandhigh-resolution picture
Katharine Benya, flute
Bryan Cline, alto sax
Laura Gibson, clarinet
Molly Hunter, flute (1st alt)
Michael Janssen, French horn
Emily Laverty, trumpet
Sarah Lodge, trumpet
Jonathon Miller, trombone
Ryan Miller, French horn
Callie Ochs, clarinet
Joe Slattery, tenor sax (1st alt)
Sam Werner, clarinet (2nd alt)

Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2013-2014 performance year:

All-State: Congratulations to all the student-performers who invested so much time and energy in preparing for the All-State auditions.  Below are the WHS student-performers who were selected to the All-State Music Festival, the Iowa Junior Honor Orchestra (9th graders) and the Opus Honor Choir (9th graders).  Article from the Gazette with photos.

Band (All-State):
Katharine Benya (flute), Callie Ochs (clarinet), Sam Werner (clarinet), Elena Burke (oboe), Eli Nesmith (1st alt, bassoon), Bryan Cline (2nd alt, alto sax), Laura Gibson (2nd alt, baritone sax), Sarah Lodge (trumpet), Heidi Davenport (trumpet), Emily Laverty (2nd alt, trumpet), Eric Carson (horn), Kellie Walters (horn), Ryan Miller (2nd alt, horn), Jonathan Miller (trombone), Eli Wolter (1st alt, trombone), Tim Woodhouse (euphonium), Alyson Cummings (euphonium), Paul Woodhouse (1st alt, bass trombone), Keith Hammer (percussion)
Choir (All-State): Madelyn Carlson (soprano), Macey Coppess (soprano), Mary Azelborn (alto), Carly Herron (alto), Rina Moore (alto), Hunter Moore (tenor), Tim Parr (tenor), Cole Cooper (tenor), Lakota Bear killer (bass), Luke Johnson (bass), Peter Klopfenstein (bass), Harrison Shaffer (bass)
Orchestra (All-State): Jack Brokaw (bass). Benjamin Garner-Prouty (viola). Anna Wolle (violin). Anjali Misra (violin). Kyra Ashlock (1st alternate harp)
Iowa Junior Honor Orchestra: Shirja Moharar (violin), Alexandra Klinsky (bass)
Opus Honor Choir: Marcus Coleman (bass)

Warrior Marching Band: 1st Place, Best Winds, Best Drum Majors, 4A, Linn-Mar Marching Band Competition
Warrior Marching Band: Division I rating, State Marching Band Festival
Warrior Marching Band, 3rd Place, 4A, ValleyFest Marching Band Competition

Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2012-2013 performance year:

2012-2013 All-State selections (29 total):
Online article about Wash All-State selections ( site)
Article from paper (pdf version of print version)
High-res pics (BIG FILES!!):
orchestra students, band students, chorus students
Orchestra students (performing with All-State orchestra – full list):

Anjali Misra, violin
Anna Wolle, violin
Kiran Misra, violin
Benjamin Garner-Prouty, viola
Evan Hataway, string bass
Band students (performing with All-State orchestra – full list)
Katharine Benya, flute
Kate Ernst, Bb clarinet
Nathan Benya, percussion
Band students (performing with All-State band – full list)
Hannah Johnson, flute
Elena Burke, oboe
Katie Karamitros, Bb clarinet
Sarah Coleman, bass clarinet
Robbie Nesmith, cornet
Sarah Lodge, trumpet
Eric Carson, french horn
Kellie Walters, french horn
Tim Woodhouse, euphonium
Vocal students (performing with All-State chorus – full list)
Theresa Fuller, soprano
Kayla Marner, soprano
Annee Cooper, alto
Rina Moore, alto
Ian Butler, tenor
Nicolas Corbett, tenor
Hunter Moore, tenor
Tim Parr, tenor
Zachary Weston, bass
Peter Klopfenstein, bass
Nick Paoli, bass
Connor Zuber, bass

Stories and media coverage of WHS performing arts from the 2011-2012 performance year:

Gazette paper/print article covering Wash All-Staters (pdf file located on, no external logins required)
Online article on Wash’s All-Staters
– Marching Band wins 4th place at ValleyFest (2nd place among Iowa schools)
Marching Band: Division I rating at State Contest
Newspaper article on former Washington band director, Steve Shanley.

2011-2012 Performer of the Month archive:


2011-2012 All-State Selections (29 total):
Orchestra (photo)state-wide list
Benjamin Garner-Prouty, viola
Evan Hataway, bass
* Anna Wolle, violin
Chorus  (photo)state-wide list
* Katharine Bergman, alto
* Ian Butler, tenor
* Drake Hickok, tenor
Rob Hogg, bass
Hannah Lodge, soprano (alternate)
Rina Moore, alto
* Anna Noreuil, soprano
Nikki Stewart, soprano
Nick Paoli, bass
Connor Zuber, bass
Band (photo) – state-wide list
* Emily Arkenberg, bassoon
Katharine Benya, flute
* Nathan Benya, percussion (alternate)
* Eric Carson, French horn
* Sarah Beth Coleman, bass clarinet
* Kate Ernst, clarinet
Keith Hammer, percussion (alternate)
* Megan Hepker, clarinet
* Hannah Johnson, flute
Sarah Lodge, trumpet
Hunter Loushin, trombone (alternate)
Tiffany Parr, baritone saxophone
Micah Rambo, French horn
Will Roberts, trumpet
* Zoe Wolter, French horn
Tim Woodhouse, euphonium
NOTE: * denotes student-performer a previous/multi-year All-State musician

2010-2011 News & Awards archive:

Selected for 2011 Iowa All State Jazz Choir:
Ellen Hart, soprano (2-years)
Miles Maurice, tenor (3-years)
Neel Ghosh, tenor (3-years)
Wes Carlson, bass (2-years)
Rachel Jones, soprano
Clayton Willett, tenor
Orchestra Iowa’s Honors Ensemble In Residence program (HEIRs)
Rebecca Herron
Grace Walker
Celia Garner-Prouty
Lucy Young
2010-2011 All-State Selections (31 total):
Chorus (11) – photo (the state-wide list is here)
Emma Azelborn – alto (junior)
Katharine Bergman – alto (junior)
Ian Butler – tenor (sophomore)
Wes Carlson – bass (senior)
Andrew Clair – bass (senior, 2 year All-Stater)
Drake Hickok – tenor (junior, 2 year All-Stater)
Rachel Jones – soprano (senior)
Anna Noreuil – soprano (junior, 2 year All-Stater)
Miles Maurice – tenor (senior, 3 year All-Stater)
Emily White – alto (senior, 2 year All-Stater)
Clayton Willett – bass (junior, 2 year All-Stater)
Band (15) – photo(the state-wide list is here)
Emily Arkenberg – bassoon
Nathan Benya – percussion
Bradley Birchansky – baritone sax
Eric Carson – french horn (freshman)
Sarah Coleman – bass clarinet (sophomore)
Kate Ernst – clarinet (sophomore, 1st chair, 2 year All-Stater)
Neel Ghosh – alto sax (senior)
Megan Hepker – clarinet
Hannah Johnson – flute
Max McGee – tenor sax (senior)
Emily Meyer – flute (alternate)
Liz Townsend – oboe (senior, 3 year All-Stater)
Sean Valentine – clarinet (senior)
Zoe Wolter – french horn (junior)
Toby Ziemer – trombone (senior, 3 year All-Stater)
Orchestra (5) – photo(the state-wide list is here)
Ian Draves – bass (senior)
Celia Garner-Prouty – violin (senior, 4 year All-Stater)
Grace Walker – violin (senior, 4 year All-Stater)
Anne Wolle – violin (freshman)
Lucy Young – viola (senior)
A Slice of Jazz: Selected to Perform at the American Choral Directors Association in March 2011.  Only 6 ensembles were selected nationwide, of which only 2 were from high schools.
A Slice of Jazz: 1st place in the “Best of Iowa Jazz Festival” 4-A championships at Wartburg College in Waverly on March 29. “Slice” took first place honors for the second year in a row at this event.
Marching Band: 2nd place, Linn-Mar Marching Band Festival (top score for music execution)
Marching Band: “I” rating at state marching band competition
All-City Music Contest Results:  Full results are available at  Use “parent” for username and “parent” for password to log in to the system.
State Solo and Ensemble Results: Listing of all results.

Sweep by The Revolutionists and Jazz Also at UNI’s Tallcorn Jazz Festival
A Slice of Jazz; only Iowa group selected for ACDA conference.
Wash All-Staters in Gazette print article.
Wash All-Staters highlighted on
Washington Marching Band earns a top “I” rating at 2010 State Marching Band competition.
Wash orchestra students selected for HEIRs
Annual Band Banquet coverage on Gazette Communications school site.
The Wind Symphony and Lisbon High School’s band featured on the Gazette Communications “Eastern Iowa Schools” web site.


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