Color Guard
Color Guard

Celebration Camp
Celebration Camp
Vivace Camp
Momentum Camp
Momentum Camp
March Band pre-camp
Orchestra All-State clinics
Band Camp
Band Camp
Band Camp Reflections
Band Camp
Band Camp
Football game
Nunsense rehearsal
Nunsense rehearsal
High-res group photos
Homecoming parade and bonfire

5 Seasons Marching Band performance
 October Orchestra concert
 Into The Woods rehearsal
 Momentum rehearsal
 State Marching Band competition
 State Marching Band competition
 Into the Woods rehearsal/stagecraft
 Into the Woods cast
 Into the Woods rehearsal
 Into the Woods preview
Revolutionists: Riverscape
Revolutionists: You Got It
Revolutionists: Toby Leads Moses
Revolutionists: Sultry Sunset

 Jeff Coffin visit/clinic
< Sugar and Show: pre-show, Vivace
 Sugar and Show: 8 Guys, Celebration
 Sugar and Show: Momentum

 U of I Honor Band

Coe Jazz Summit

District Speech (individual)

NEIBA Jazz Festival
 Academic Assembly

 A Slice of Jazz (state)

 City solo contest

 New band uniform measuring

 State solo contest

 State music contest (large group)

 Drama/Speech banquet

IBA concert prep

IBA concert
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